1.33.x releases

This page contains details of releases in the 1.33.xx set of releases.


Updated to Kotlin 1.6

The codebase is now compiled against Kotlin 1.6

New collection functions in stdlib

stdlib now includes the following collection functions:

  • noneOf() - Testing if a collection contains none of the provided values
  • anyOf() - Testing if a collection contains any of the provided values
  • allOf() - Testing if a collection contains all of the provided values


Bug fixes

  • fix error thrown when annotation types don't specify nullable properties


Documentation fixes

  • fix outdated docs with reference to equality (= vs ==)
  • Added docs on functions


Internal fixes

  • Special taxiQL projection type has been removed, and replaced with a standard type reference
  • Compiler doesn't report errors in queries if the token can be unambiguously resolved
  • Updated license information in pom


Internal fixes

  • Updated license information in pom (again)


Improved kotlin type detection

Previously when generating taxi from kotlin code, it was required to pre-register packages, in order to correctly extract type information from type alises.

This has been improved, and now packages are scanned on-demand.

Bug fixes

  • Braces inside of comments or markdown blocks were causing errors in taxi formatter
  • (jsonschema-importer): If a type is used in an Array and then as a non-array type, all references were getting treated as array types
  • (jsonschema-importer): Types with different schemas but same field names were using incorrect types on second (and subsequent) usages. We're now generating placeholder types Foo$Duplicate1, but these need furhter investigation.
  • (annotations): fix bug where to-level types get a preceeding . in their name


Updated dependencies

A number of internal dependencies have been updated:

  • deps: update dependency com.github.everit-org.json-schema:org.everit.json.schema to v1.14.1 (6343f9b)
  • deps: update dependency com.github.ntrrgc:ts-generator to v1.1.2 (67406b2)
  • deps: update dependency com.github.xmlet:xsdparser to v1.2.4 (9b88b6a)
  • deps: update dependency com.google.guava:guava to v31 (c2e2be0)
  • deps: update dependency com.typesafe:config to v1.4.2 (00a418d)
  • deps: update dependency commons-io:commons-io to v2.11.0 (5bc3db2)
  • deps: update dependency io.arrow-kt:arrow-core to v1 (a0e4384)
  • deps: update dependency io.github.config4k:config4k to v0.5.0 (7765aca)
  • deps: update dependency io.projectreactor:reactor-core to v3.4.22 (fc48fca)
  • deps: update dependency net.lingala.zip4j:zip4j to v2.11.1 (5088020)
  • deps: update dependency net.oneandone.reflections8:reflections8 to v0.11.7 (4c08a7a)
  • deps: update dependency org.apache.commons:commons-lang3 to v3.12.0 (91534c4)
  • deps: update dependency org.apache.maven:maven-model to v3.8.6 (e5ba4fc)
  • deps: update dependency org.glassfish.jaxb:xsom to v3.0.2 (f09b746)
  • deps: update dependency org.pf4j:pf4j to v2.6.0 (d705050)
  • deps: update dependency org.pf4j:pf4j to v3 (703aefb)
  • deps: update dependency org.slf4j:slf4j-api to v1.7.36 (47c378d)
  • deps: update dependency org.slf4j:slf4j-api to v2 (aa7690e)
  • deps: update dependency org.slf4j:slf4j-log4j12 to v1.7.36 (5f8ac4e)
  • deps: update dependency org.slf4j:slf4j-log4j12 to v2 (3b91011)
  • deps: update dependency org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-dependencies to v2.7.3 (f178b27)
  • deps: update dependency org.taxilang:compiler to v1.33.5 (f3be629)
  • deps: update dependency pl.project13.maven:git-commit-id-plugin to the latest version with a new artifact name (eb70d6e)
  • deps: update http4k.version to v4.30.3.0 (0d58290)
  • deps: update http4k.version to v4.30.4.0 (8770b12)
  • deps: update jackson.version to v2.13.3 (14ae4ad)
  • deps: update jackson.version to v2.13.4 (34b8da8)
  • deps: update wire.version to v4.4.1 (510ae77)
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